Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

A graphical procedure for desiccant cooling cycle design

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 3 February 2011brC.E.L., Nóbrega , N.C.L., BrumbrThe interest in solid desiccant cooling cycles has been continuously increasing, supported by both the ecological soundness and the cost reduction associated with the low grade thermal energy it requires. As a result, many feasibility studies are conducted considering solar energy or waste heat as thermal sources for the desiccant cooling cycles. Such studies often consider pre-set values for the effectiveness of individual components, such as evaporative coolers, heat and desiccant wheels. Although a great number of works have been devoted to desiccant cooling cycle simulation, the diversity of assumptions underlying each mathematical model often makes it difficult to establish…br Research highlights: ► Design procedure for desiccant cooling cycle, which can be applied irrespective of the mathematical modeling of each cycle component. ► Sensitivity Analysis of cycle components. ► The results obtained are explained in light of physical reasoning, and show qualitative agreement with independently obtained results.

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