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A method to determine the power to heat ratio, the cogenerated electricity and the primary energy savings of cogeneration systems after the European Directive

Publication year: 2012brbSource:/b Energy, Available online 29 January 2012brChristos A. FrangopoulosbrAccording to the European Directive for the promotion of cogeneration, in order for cogeneration systems to be eligible for economic and financial benefits, they must comply with certain requirements regarding efficiency and primary energy savings. Therefore, the calculation of these two performance indicators, together with the electrical and/or mechanical energy produced in connection with the useful heat, is of crucial importance for the economic viability of these systems. In the present work, the main questions that have to be answered on this subject are posed, and a complete procedure to answer the questions and perform the necessary calculations is presented. This work not only is useful for the current needs, but also gives specific hints for future revision of the Directive on Cogeneration and the related texts.brh3 class=h3Highlights/h3► Definitions given in the European Directive for cogeneration are clarified. ► A method to calculate primary energy savings of CHP systems is presented. ► The method determines also the cogenerated electricity from CHP systems. ► The method is extended to trigeneration systems.

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