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A modified mathematical model of heat pump’s condenser for analytical optimization

Publication date: Available online 3 January 2015
Author(s): Jozsef Nyers , Laszlo Garbai , Arpad Nyers
The aim of this article is to present the reason and the process of creating new modified mathematical model of heat pump plate condenser. The fundamental mathematical model is modified according to analytical optimization procedure. The adaptation is carried out by applying the procedure of elimination. The modified mathematical model include 2 governing equations instead of 6. The two governing equations contain 2 unknown dependent variables and 6 known parameters. The modified mathematical model is validated using the comparative method. The compared data are obtained by numerical simulation using fundamental and modified mathematical models. Applying both models the obtained data fully coincided. By using the new modified mathematical model and implementing the optimization process may lead to the determination of the maximum energy efficiency of hot water subsystem. The subsystem comprises a condenser, a circulation pump, a connecting pipeline and the heating units. The objective function in the optimization process is the coefficient of performance, COP, as a function of the mass flow rate of the hot water or of the circulation pump power. The paper offers the implementation of modeling the circulation pump power to achieve the maximum value of the COP.

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