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Air conditioning in the region of Madrid, Spain: An approach to electricity consumption, economics and CO2 emissions

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 1 February 2011brM., Izquierdo , A., Moreno-Rodríguez , A., González-Gil , N., García-HernandobrAn understanding of electricity consumption due to residential air conditioning (AC) may improve production and environmental impact strategy design. This article reports on a study of peak and seasonal electricity consumption for residential air conditioning in the region of Madrid, Spain. Consumption was assessed by simulating the operation of AC units at the outdoor summer temperature characteristics of central Spain. AC unit performance when operating under part load conditions in keeping with weather conditions was also studied to find cooling demand and energy efficiency. Likewise final electricity consumption was computed and used to calculate energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions…br Research highlights: ► The residential demand of AC in the Region of Madrid is studied including the effect of family seasonal holidays. ► A simulation of the air-cooled mechanical compression cycle was performed and several results were obtained such as a seasonal COP of 2.4. ► Some air-cooled AC apparatus marketed were studied and a “Commercial COP” was obtained. ► Electricity consumption and equivalent CO2 emissions were also assessed and the seasonal COP was compared with commercial COP. ► Finally, influence of residential AC on electricity consumption of the whole region is analyzed, including also consumption peaks.

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