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Solar Hot Water? A BPI Builder or Contractor Keeps Up With the Latest Technology

A Building Performance Institute Builder or Contractor in the Saratoga, Glens Falls, Lake George Area Can Help You Slash Your Hot Water Bills

Builder Saratoga NY Can Help You Save a Stack of Cash

How much would you save if your Saratoga Contractor could help you cut out 1/3 of your annual fuel costs? Hundreds? Maybe thousands each year?

A solar water heater:

  • Gives you incredible savings on your fuel bill
  • Reduces global climate pollution
  • Promotes energy independence
  • Works year round in the Northern NY climate
  • Prolongs the life of your conventional water heater

Saratoga, Glens Falls, Lake George Area Solar water heating FAQ

Does solar work in Northern New York?

A common misconception is that solar is only good for hot climates.

The fact is, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory Resource Assessment Program, solar panels properly placed by a trained New York State professional can get the same Average Daily Solar Radiation as solar panels on a roofs in Louisiana and southern Texas!

How much can I save?

That depends on your current hot water usage. The more hot water you need, the faster the system will pay for itself. Water heating alone can represent at least 30% of your total heating bill.

These systems last for 20 or more years; so they pay for themselves several times over. Keep in mind that fuel and electricity costs will increase over time so future savings will be greater.

Plus, the US Federal Tax Credit pays for 30% of the installation costs (with no limit). New York State Tax Credit pays another 25% (up to $5,000) These are cash back tax credits, not deductions!

Energy $aving Solar Water Heating System Pricing Example:

$9,499.00 Installed package price (subject to site inspection)
-$2,849.70 30% Federal tax credit
-$2,374.75 25% New York State tax credit

$4,274.55 Your bottom line cost!

(OR Finance your bottom line cost for only $70 per month!)

NOTE: The New York solar equipment tax credit must be for a New York State principal residence. Second homes qualify for the Federal tax credit. Consult your tax advisor to confirm details, eligibility, and tax implications of all rebate and tax credit programs before purchasing.

Click below for the most up-to-date incentives:
New York State
National Grid Programs
Outside New York
All 50 States

Why should my solar water heating designer and installer be Building Performance Institute Accredited?

Please visit our BPI page to learn about how you can take advantage of the Building Performance Institute’s rigorous designer and installer training program for your solar hot water installation.

Do I have to worry about running out of hot water?

No. You still have your current system for the times the solar system can not provide all your needs.

Since we need to capture the sun’s energy when it’s shining, storage is absolutely essential.

For a typical home, a 120 gallon storage tank is installed next to your existing tank in the basement. This will supply all of the hot water needs for a family of four.

Is my roof going to become an eyesore?

For the typical residential installation, we usually install two solar panels on the roof, which resemble the size and shape of roof skylights.

Builder Saratoga New York Solar Company

Solar Panels in Saratoga NY Area

Granville Saratoga County NY Solar Hot Water

Solar Panels in Granville NY

Warrensburg NY Solar Panels

Solar Panels in Warrensburg NY

What’s different about solar hot water systems installed by David Sellers Mechanical?

Unlike most systems, the Enerworks system lines between the roof and the storage system in the basement are made up of two small diameter flexible tubes.

This prevents the intrusive and messy installation of larger diameter copper pipes. As an added bonus, there are no solder joints to leak.

Saratoga Springs NY Solar Hot Water

The Enerworks energy pack mounts on the side of a water storage tank. Because the heat exchanger is part of the energy pack, you won’t need to buy expensive solar storage tanks.

A regular electric water heater can be used for storage. This storage tank then empties into your regular water heater, no matter what kind it is. So your existing water heater then becomes part of the solar water storage system.

Can I use solar to heat my entire home?

Radiant floor heat is especially suited to solar because of the lower temperatures required by the radiant floors.

Other types of heating systems can be helped by solar also. Many folks even heat their pool with solar!

An easy way to help with hot air systems is to install a water-to-air heat exchanger in the return air stream of the existing furnace.

Again, storage is king. Since we have less sunshine in the winter when we need the heat, we need to harvest and store the sunlight when we can. In this case I recommend multiple storage tanks in the basement.

So if you want to get rid of those high heating bills, and still feel free to linger in your nice hot shower, call or email us today.

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Responses to “Solar Hot Water? A BPI Builder or Contractor Keeps Up With the Latest Technology”
  1. jim says:

    Why is it when I follow the link for Enerworks that all I see on this website is information regrading installations in tropical regions? How is this going to help me in Upstate NY? I would love to see some documentation regarding the savings and payback period for someone installing a system in Upstate NY and also has radiant heat.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Jim,

    Thanks for your feedback about solar savings documentation.

    Now that we are past June 30, I can give you the results of 24 months of savings for our own (radiant floor) northern NY home in Warrensburg.

    We performed 2 measures on our home at the same time–insulation upgrade & air sealing (most homes are not properly sealed because builders don’t know about why and how to do it), and solar hot water panels.

    (We don’t just sell you one type of equipment and run. We use our specialized Building Performance Institute training in the whole house approach to deliver you the best energy savings possible.)

    Our home results compare the 12 month period prior to our measures taken in June 2008 to the two 12 month periods thereafter.

    We plugged heating degree days (cold weather stats) for all three 12 month periods into our calculations.

    Our fuel savings from July 2008-June 2009 was 32.23%. Our savings for July 2009-June 2010 was 29.4%.

    Regarding your question about success in northern climates:

    Please see our Question & Answer above, referring to the NREL’s Average Daily Solar Radiation map.

    Here’s a Case Study showing the use of solar technology at The Wild Center, in the heart of Northern New York’s Adirondack Park.

    Hope this helps!

    Best wishes in your quest for savings with comfort,
    Rebekah Sellers

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