Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

Chillers energy consumption, energy savings and emission analysis in an institutional buildings

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 20 July 2011brR., Saidur , M., Hasanuzzaman , T.M.I., Mahlia , N.A., Rahim , H.A., MohammedbrChillers consume more than 40% of the total energy used in the commercial and industrial buildings for space conditioning. In this paper, energy consumption by chillers and chilled water pumps, condenser pumps and fan motors has been estimated using data collected by a walkthrough energy audit for the 16 faculties of the University of Malaya. It has been estimated that chillers and motors and pumps used in chillers consume 10,737 MWh (i.e. 51% of total energy consumption) of electric energy for different percentage of loadings. As chillers are major energy users, variable speed drives are applied in chillers to reduce their…br Highlights: ► It is found that about 51% of total energy is consumed by chiller systems in an institutional building. ► It has been estimated that about 8368 MWh annual energy can be saved by using efficient chillers. ► About 1,274,692 kg of CO2 emission could be avoided for using energy efficient chillers at 50% load. ► It has been also found that about 2,426,769 kg CO2 emission can be reduced by using VSD for 60% speed reductions. ► Payback periods found to be only few months for using VSDs in chilled water pumps, condensers and fan motors.

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