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CRS4-2: A numerical code for the calculation of the solar power collected in a central receiver system

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 20 June 2011brErminia, Leonardi , Bruno, D’AguannobrThe analysis of the solar power collected at the receiver in solar tower systems requires the use of efficient and accurate numerical codes. This paper presents a new Fortran computer program, CRS4-2 (an acronym for Crs4 Research Software for Central Receiver Solar System SimulationS), for the simulation of the optical performance of a central receiver solar plant. The implemented mathematical algorithm allows for the calculation of cosine, shading and blocking effects for heliostats arbitrarily arranged in the solar field. Special attention has been given to ensure the maximum flexibility concerning the number, dimension, shape, and position of the heliostats. In…br Highlights: ► A new numerical code for the solar power collected in central receiver solar plant. ► Research code: general, extensible, partial results, control on approximations. ► Flexibility concerning number, dimension, shape, and position of the heliostats. ► Characteristic function and decoupling of site dependent effects. ► Computational efficiency: code written in FORTRAN.

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