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Determinants of user satisfaction with solar home systems in rural Bangladesh

Publication date: 1 November 2013
Source:Energy, Volume 61
Author(s): Satoru Komatsu , Shinji Kaneko , Partha Pratim Ghosh , Akane Morinaga
The objective of this research is to analyze the characteristics of households installing solar photovoltaic (systems or solar home systems) SHS in Bangladesh where rural electrification, improvement of rural livelihoods, and sustainable development constitute the primary development agenda. This article attempts to quantitatively determine the factors that affect user satisfaction with SHS, so that improving user satisfaction can contribute to expanding the coverage of SHS in the long run. The research evaluates the determinants of user satisfaction and households’ perceptions of the benefits of SHS, including the quality of SHS equipment and reduction in energy costs. The econometric analysis reveals that previous poor experience of the frequency of battery repairs and replacement in SHS negatively influences the satisfaction of households with SHS. The research also suggests user satisfaction improves in the households that achieve lower dependence on kerosene. Moreover, the users who receive the benefits of SHS, especially those resulting from an increase in children’s study time, show a higher level of satisfaction with SHS. A key message from the findings is that the benefits of a SHS lifestyle as well as the quality of SHS equipment play a significant role in improving user satisfaction with SHS in rural Bangladesh.

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