Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

Does biodiesel make sense?

Publication year: 2010brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 8 October 2010brLuiz A.H., NogueirabrIn several countries biodiesel blending programs have been implemented looking for reduction in fossil fuel dependence and environmental benefits, including climate change mitigation. The current global biodiesel production, from different fatty raw materials, reaches about 6 billion liters per year and represents 10% of whole biofuel production. Nevertheless, in many cases the actual advantages of biodiesel production and usage are not clearly evaluated. Essentially, the feasibility of biodiesel production can be determined by its efficiency in solar energy conversion, as indicated by agro-industrial productivity and energy balance parameters, which expresses a relative demand of natural resources (land and energy) to…


Responses to “Does biodiesel make sense?”
  1. you are right, this field does need more evaluation, especially if you see that millions of acres are prepared for the biodiesel productions these days.

  2. Abdou says:

    Propel Fuels are Awesome! I love using the E-85. The things I like about it is: 1. its made in the US 2. its clean buirnng and cost less. 3. the best part is the exhaust Smells like Roasted Corn. Pulling a trailer you can really smell it more. I have an 8000 lbs Travel Tailer and it is a great fuel to use when pulling something big. I get the same mileage using E-85 Ethanol as I did using gas. The big difference is the power you get using the Ethanol. Gas just does not Cut-It!

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