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Environmental assessment of grid connected photovoltaic plants with 2-axis tracking versus fixed modules systems

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 2 April 2011brÁngel A., Bayod-Rújula , Ana M., Lorente-Lafuente , Fernando, Cirez-OtobrThe use of two axes tracking systems has been widely implemented because of the higher rates in energy production that these systems can achieve. However, the reduction of the PV modules cost makes the economic advantage of these tracking systems not so evident and this has aroused the interest of analysing them from other points of view such as efficiency or energy performance and environmental impact.Most of the existing LCA studies related to Photovoltaic systems are focused in the comparison of the different technologies used for cell production; some reports include also the module assembly, but there is little information…br Highlights: ► We think that the main contributions of this paper are the following: ► Life cycle assessment of different configurations of a solar farm, with and without sun-tracking systems. ► Assessment of the environmental impact depending on the Energy mix avoided. ► Use of alternative eco-indicators for the assessment of solar photovoltaic energy production. ► Factors that influence the environmental impact of a PV plant during its life cycle. Sensitivity analysis.

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