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Estimation of monthly solar radiation distribution for solar energy system analysis

Publication year: 2010brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 22 December 2010brC., Coskun , Z., Oktay , I., DincerbrThe concept of probability density frequency, which is successfully used for analyses of wind speed and outdoor temperature distributions, is now modified and proposed for estimating solar radiation distributions for design and analysis of solar energy systems. In this study, global solar radiation distribution is comprehensively analyzed for photovoltaic (PV) panel and thermal collector systems. In this regard, a case study is conducted with actual global solar irradiation data of the last 15 years recorded by the Turkish State Meteorological Service. It is found that intensity of global solar irradiance greatly affects energy and exergy efficiencies and hence the performance…br Research highlights: ► The first study to apply global solar radiation distribution in solar system analyzes. ► The first study showing global solar radiation distribution as a parameter of the solar irradiance intensity. ► Time probability intensity frequency and probability power distribution do not have similar distribution patterns for each month. ► There is no relation between the distribution of annual time lapse and solar energy with the intensity of solar irradiance.

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