Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Evaluation of cost reduction potential for a coal based polygeneration system with CO2capture

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, Available online 29 December 2011brSheng Li, Lin Gao, Xiaosong Zhang, Hu Lin, Hongguang JinbrThe coal based polygeneration with CO2capture (PG + CC) technology is expected as one of the possible options to mitigate CO2emissions with low cost and low energy. This work assesses the cost reduction potential of PG + CC technology based on learning curve method, and finds out what factors and how they influence the cost curve.Results show that the unit investment of PG + CC can decrease to around 600–900$/kW from current 1500$/kW by means of capacity increment, technology further localization and plant efficiency upgrade. Localization and plant efficiency upgrade will play an important role in PG + CC cost reduction. 45%∼55% of the unit investment reduction originates from the capacity increment, 20%∼35% from technology localization, and 10%∼20% from plant efficiency upgrade.Compared with IGCC technology with CO2capture (IGCC + CC), the unit investment of PG + CC is 25%∼30% lower. Compared with coal-pulverized supercritical plant with CO2capture (PC + CC), in short term PG + CC is less economically competitive;In medium term, when the total installed capacity reaches several to ten GWs, the unit investment of PG + CC technology can compete with that of PC + CC and will be lower afterwards;In long term, the PG + CC technology will be more economically competitive than PC + CC. Moreover, PG + CC is more energy efficient than the other two technologies. The results indicate that the coal based PG + CC is more acceptable for China and may act as a significant part in CO2capture technologies.

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