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Experimental studies on a ground coupled heat pump with solar thermal collectors for space heating

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 23 July 2011brChen, Xi , Yang, Hongxing , Lu, Lin , Wang, Jinggang , Liu, WeibrThis paper presents experimental studies on a solar-assisted ground coupled heat pump (SAGCHP) system for space heating. The system was installed at the Hebei Academy of Sciences in Shijiazhuang (lat. N38°03′, long. E114°26′), China. Solar collectors are in series connection with the borehole array through plate heat exchangers. Four operation modes of the system were investigated throughout the coldest period in winter (Dec 5th to Dec 27th). The heat pump performance, borehole temperature distributions and solar colleting characteristics of the SAGCHP system are analyzed and compared when the system worked in continuous or intermittent modes with or without solar-assisted heating….br Highlights: ► We study four working modes of a solar-assisted ground coupled heat pump. ► The heating performance is in direct relation with the borehole temperature. ► Solar-assisted heating elevates borehole temperature and system performance. ► The system shows higher efficiency over traditional heating systems in cold areas. ► Solar heat is not suggested for high temperature seasonal storage.

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