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Heat capacity ratio and the best type of heat exchanger for geothermal water providing maximum heat transfer

Publication date: Available online 23 July 2015
Author(s): Özden Ağra, Hasan Hüseyin Erdem, Hakan Demir, Ş. Özgür Atayılmaz, İsmail Teke
Geothermal water is generally used for heating another fluid and therefore heat transfer between these fluids must be as high as possible. For heat exchangers, heat transfer per unit temperature difference and heat capacity is defined by effectiveness of heat exchanger (ε) and capacity ratio of hot and cold streams (Cr). Effectiveness of heat exchanger decreases as capacity ratio increases. Therefore, it is desired to maximize the multiplication of effectiveness and capacity ratio to maximize heat transfer. A new model was suggested for the determination of the heat capacity ratio that provides the maximum heat transfer and best type of heat exchanger. Maximum heat transfer occurs when capacity ratio is unity and therefore ε*Cr curves given as a function of NTU (number of transfer units) for Cr = 1 for various heat exchanger types. Also, the best type of heat exchanger giving maximum heat transfer can be determined using ε*Cr curves for geothermal applications.

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