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Heat extraction and power production forecast of a prospective Enhanced Geothermal System site in Songliao Basin, China

Publication date: Available online 20 August 2014
Author(s): Xiaoxue Huang , Jialing Zhu , Chengke Niu , Jun Li , Xia Hu , Xianpeng Jin
As a promising advanced technology, Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) utilizing deep geothermal energy has gained increasing attention. Production performance of a prospective EGS site in Songliao Basin was evaluated through mathematical modeling. Firstly, numerical simulation of heat extraction process in the fractured reservoir was carried out. To take account of the flow process in wellbores, reservoir-wellbore coupled simulation was undertaken through indirect coupling of TOUGH2 with the wellbore simulator HOLA, in which dynamic treatment of the wellbottom pressure was enabled. Power production performance was then investigated through thermodynamic modeling of an electricity generation system using the output from the reservoir-wellbore coupled simulation. The results suggest that the desirable thermal efficiency and gross power output could be obtained initially, whereas the decrease in production arising from thermal depletion of the reservoir is significant at later stages of operation. Meanwhile, the power consumption of the injection pump takes up an increasing amount of the generated power. It can be inferred from the comparison between simulations with and without coupling that a downhole pump could improve the hydraulic performance notably with little sacrifice of the thermal performance.

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