Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

High temperature solar thermoelectric generator – Indoor characterization method and modeling

Publication date: Available online 7 April 2015
Author(s): A. Pereira , T. Caroff , G. Lorin , T. Baffie , K. Romanjek , S. Vesin , K. Kusiaku , H. Duchemin , V. Salvador , N. Miloud-Ali , L. Aixala , J. Simon
This paper presents an experimental study of a STEG (solar thermoelectric generator) working at high concentration ratio (>100) and high temperature (≥450 °C). An indoor characterization set-up based on Si 80 Ge 20 thermoelectric material coupled with a selective absorber and a solar concentrating simulator was developed. The goal was to validate a physical model allowing to predict performances of such thermoelectric material for much higher temperatures. Predictive efficiencies were thus extrapolated for a working temperature beyond 800 °C. The critical issue deals with the best system dimensioning taking into account the concentrator size, and the efficiency versus the TEG (thermoelectric generator) size.

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