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Optical performance of inclined south–north axis three-positions tracked solar panels

Publication year: 2010brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 24 December 2010brHao, Zhong , Guihua, Li , Runsheng, Tang , Wenli, DongbrIn this work, the optical performance of solar panels with a new sun-tracking technique was theoretically investigated based on the proposed mathematical method and monthly horizontal radiation. The mechanism of the investigated sun-tracking is that the attitude angle of solar panels is daily adjusted three times at three fixed positions: eastward, southward, and westward in the morning, noon, and afternoon, respectively, by rotating solar panels about the inclined south–north axis (ISNA-3P sun-tracking). Calculation results showed that, for ISNA-3P tracked solar panels with a yearly fixed tilt-angle of the ISNA, the maximum annual collectible radiation on ISNA-3P tracked solar panels was…br Research highlights: ► The paper presented a new sun-tracking technique (ISNA-3P) for possible applications in PV generating systems. ► Algorithms to estimate daily collectible radiation on the fixed, 2-axis and ISNA-3P tracked solar panels were proposed based on solar geometry and monthly horizontal radiation. ► A detailed theoretical study on the optical performance of such tracked solar panels in terms of R3P-0 and R3P-2, the ratios of maximum annual solar gain to that on fixed and 2-axis tracked solar panels; optimal parameters affecting the optical performance of the systems were presented in the different cases. ► Results showed that such sun-tracking system was efficient to boost energy collection of non-concentrating solar panels.

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