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Performance analysis of humid air turbine cycle with solar energy for methanol decomposition

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 27 April 2011brHongbin, Zhao , Pengxiu, YuebrAccording to the physical and chemical energy cascade utilization and concept of synthesis integration of variety cycle systems, a new humid air turbine (HAT) cycle with solar energy for methanol decomposition has been proposed in this paper. The solar energy is utilized for methanol decomposing as a heat source in the HAT cycle. The low energy level of solar energy is supposed to convert the high energy level of chemical energy through methanol absorption, realizing the combination of clean energy and normal chemical fuels as compared to the normal chemical recuperative cycle. As a result, the performance of normal chemical…br Highlights: ► This paper proposed and studied the humid air turbine (HAT) cycle with methanol through decomposition with solar energy. ► The cycle’s exergy efficiency is higher than that of the conventional HAT cycle by at least 5 percentage points. ► It is estimated that the solar heat–work conversion efficiency is about 39%, higher than usual. ► There is an optimal methanol conversation for the cycle’s thermal efficiency and exergy efficiency at given π and TIT. ► Using EUD, the exergy loss is decreased by 8 percentage points compared with the conventional HAT cycle.

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