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Potential of best practice technology to improve energy efficiency in the global chemical and petrochemical sector☆

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 4 August 2011brD., Saygin , M.K., Patel , E., Worrell , C., Tam , D.J., GielenbrThe chemical and petrochemical sector is by far the largest industrial energy user, accounting for 30% of the industry’s total final energy use. However, due to its complexity its energy efficiency potential is not well understood. This article analyses the energy efficiency potential on a country level if Best Practice Technologies (BPT) were implemented in chemical processes. Two approaches are applied and an improved dataset referring to Europe has been developed for BPT energy use. This methodology has been applied to 66 products in fifteen countries that represent 70% of chemical and petrochemical sector’s energy use worldwide. The results suggest…br Highlights: ► Best Practice Technologies (BPTs) offer energy savings in the chemical industry. ► Two approaches are applied based on an improved BPT dataset covering 66 chemicals. ► Worldwide, BPTs offer 16% energy saving potentials excluding electricity use. ► Process integration, combined heat and power and recycling offer further potential. ► Results need to be improved by resolving important methodological and data issues.

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