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Production capacity estimation by reservoir numerical simulation of northwest (NW) Sabalan geothermal field, Iran

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 29 April 2011brYounes, Noorollahi , Ryuichi, ItoibrA three dimensional numerical model of the northwest (NW) Sabalan geothermal system was developed on the basis of the designed conceptual model from available field data. A numerical model of the reservoir was expressed with a grid system of a rectangular prism of 12km×8km with 4.6km height, giving a total area of 96km2. The model has 14 horizontal layers ranging in thickness between 100m to 1000m extending from a maximum of 3600 to −1000ma.s.l. Fifteen rock types were used in the model to assign different horizontal permeabilities from 5.0×10−18 to 4.0×10−13m2 based on the conceptual model.Natural state modeling of the reservoir…br Highlights: ►A 3D numerical model and prediction simulations of the northwest (NW) Sabalan geothermal field was developed and three hypothetical scenarios were evaluated for production capacity assessment.►The results of natural state simulation indicated good agreements in temperature and pressure profiles of three wells with measurement.►Reinjection of the waste water is effective for moderating reservoir pressure drop and the immediate adjacent area in northern part is suggested for reinjection.►Based on existing data and assumptions the reservoir can produce in maximum capacity of 90–100MWe for short period of time.

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