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Steam gasification of coal cokes by internally circulating fluidized-bed reactor by concentrated Xe-light radiation for solar syngas production

Publication date: 1 January 2015
Source:Energy, Volume 79
Author(s): Nobuyuki Gokon , Takuya Izawa , Tatsuya Kodama
A laboratory-scale prototype windowed reactor using a fluidized bed of coal coke particles was tested for thermochemical gasification using concentrated Xe light radiation as an energy source. The fluidized-bed reactor, designed to be combined with a solar reflective tower or beam-down optics, is evaluated for steam gasification of coal coke according to gasification performance: CO, H 2 , and CO 2 production rates; carbon conversion; light-to-chemical efficiency. Internal circulation of coal coke particles inside the reactor increases gasification performance, which is further enhanced by higher steam partial pressure of the inlet gas.

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