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Technical and economic analysis of electricity generation from forest, fossil, and wood-waste fuels in a Finnish heating plant

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 11 August 2011brTeijo, PalanderbrThe Finnish energy industry is subject to policy decisions regarding renewable energy production and energy efficiency. Conventional electricity generation has environmental side-effects that may cause global warming. Renewable fuels are superior because they offer near-zero net emissions.In this study, I investigated a heating mill’s ability to generate electricity from forest fuels in southern Finland on a 1-year strategic decision-making horizon. I solved the electricity generation problem using optimization of the energy products and fuel mixtures based on energy efficiency and forest technology. The decision environment was complicated by the sequence-dependent procurement chains for forest fuels. The optimal product and fuel…br Highlights: ► I use adaptive techniques to solve a multiple-objective linear programming system with industrial relevance. ► I investigated a heating mill’s ability to generate electricity from forest fuels. ► The electricity-generation, -purchase, and -sales decisions are made based on a comprehensive technical and economic analysis. ► The optimal product and fuel mixtures were selected by minimizing procurement costs, maximizing production revenues, and minimizing energy losses.

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