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Technical utilisation of convective vortices for carbon-free electricity production: A review

Publication year: 2010brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 22 December 2010brSandro, NizeticbrThe instability and unpredictability of future global energy markets necessitate the development of new alternative technical solutions to meet our continuously increasing energy demands. This rapid development has permanent consequences for the environment. This paper analyses several technical solutions and theoretical ideas concerning energy utilisation, i.e. for carbon-free electricity production. The ideas are discussed from theoretical and experimental perspectives. This review focuses on methods of production of an artificial vortex column in the surrounding atmosphere. Namely, convective vortices can be used as heat engines to convert available solar energy into mechanical work. Some of the proposed technical solutions deal with…br Research highlights: ► Detailed review of the previous research that deals with possibility of the convective vortices utilisation for carbon-free electricity production which was not done before in any previously published papers. ► Introduced new analytical approach for estimating heat-to-work efficiency of the convective vortices apprehended as heat engines, and detailed analysis of heat-to-work efficiency. ► Detail air cycle analysis with introduction of the modificated Brayton air cycle as one that is close to the real air cycle and comparison with other standard cycles. ► Impact analysis of air humidity on the working potential of the air. ► Proposed alternative concept for convective vortices utilisation, i.e. Solar power plant with a short diffuser. ► Review of the experimental attempts to produce artificial convective vortices.

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