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The simple hourly method of EN ISO 13790 standard in Matlab/Simulink: A comparative study for the climatic conditions of Poland

Publication date: Available online 28 August 2014
Author(s): Piotr Michalak
The Recast of the EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings) Directive from the 2010 introduced the definition of a “nearly zero energy building”, covering its energy needs from renewable sources. In energy efficient buildings the energy needs depend strongly on the running conditions. Thus, such objects require high quality calculation models where a more detailed, hourly calculation, is needed. The paper presents the application of the simple hourly dynamic calculation method from EN ISO 13790 standard with the use of Matlab/Simulink package for the calculation of annual demand of the heating and cooling energy. The control strategy described in this standard was applied in Simulink. Simulations were performed for the ten different locations, two for each of five climatic zones of Poland. Results of calculations were compared with the values obtained with two other methods: EnergyPlus detailed simulation, as a reference method, and monthly method from EN ISO 13790. The validation tests were performed for ten different locations, two for each of five climatic zones of Poland. The presented Matlab/Simulink model showed good accuracy. More significant differences were obtained for the cooling needs calculated with the monthly method. This implies the need of a further more detailed investigation on this method in Polish conditions.

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