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Theoretical evaluation of thermal and energy performance of tropical green roofs

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 23 April 2011brS.W., Tsang , C.Y., JimbrThe thermal and energy efficiency of tropical green roofs is assessed by a theoretical model to clarify the contribution of underlying factors. The suitability of 1400 high-rise public housing blocks in Hong Kong for rooftop greening was assessed by remote sensing images. Weather and microclimatic-soil monitoring data of an experimental green roof provided the basis for computations. Roof greening prevented a huge amount of solar energy at 43.9 TJ in one summer from penetrating the buildings to bring significant energy saving. Thermal performance of humid-tropical green roofs, with greater latent heat dissipation, is twice more effective than the temperate ones. The…br Highlights: ► We developed a theoretical model to calculate the thermal performance of tropical green roofs. ► Bare roofs have more sensible heat and heat storage than green roofs. ► Latent heat dissipation of tropical green roofs is twice that of temperate counterparts. ► Heat flux through the roof into a building demonstrates a one-day time lag after a long sunshine day. ► Green roofs can block 43.9 TJ of solar energy penetration into public housing buildings in one summer.

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