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Thermal performance of flat plate solar collectors with sheet-and-tube and roll-bond absorbers

Publication date: Available online 14 July 2013
Author(s): Davide Del Col , Andrea Padovan , Matteo Bortolato , Marco Dai Prè , Enrico Zambolin
A prototype of glazed flat plate solar collector with roll-bond absorber is presented and its performance is experimentally characterized. Differently from common sheet-and-tube collectors, in the present prototype the channels for the liquid are integrated in the roll-bond absorber plate. Measurements of thermal efficiency are reported for two samples of the prototype, one with a black coating on the absorber and the other with a semi-selective coating. Efficiency test runs have been performed in both steady-state and quasi-dynamic conditions, according to the standard EN 12975-2 (EN 12975-2. Thermal solar systems and components – solar collectors – part 2: test methods. Brussels: CEN; 2006). The efficiency measurements are compared with those taken for standard glazed flat plate collectors with sheet-and-tube absorber under the same test conditions. The experimental results show that the roll-bond absorber can provide higher performance. Besides, the thermal efficiency can be further increased and this is shown by means of a numerical model. The model is experimentally validated for standard flat plate collectors with sheet-and-tube absorber and for roll-bond collectors.

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