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Transient simulation of polygeneration systems based on PEM fuel cells and solar heating and cooling technologies

Publication year: 2011brbSource:/b Energy, In Press, Corrected Proof, Available online 17 June 2011brFrancesco, Calise , Gabriele, Ferruzzi , Laura, VanolibrThis paper presents a dynamic simulation of an innovative polygeneration system based on solar heating and cooling and PEM fuel cells technologies. The polygeneration system is based on the following main components: evacuated solar collectors, single-stage LiBr–H2O absorption chiller and a PEM fuel cell. The fuel cell operates at full load producing electrical energy which is in part consumed by the building lights and equipments. The fuel cell is grid connected in order to perform a convenient net metering. Finally, the system also includes heat exchangers producing domestic hot water in case of scarce space heating/cooling demand. The analysis was…br Highlights: ► The paper presents an innovative polygeneration system based on solar heating and cooling and PEM technologies. ► PEM fuel cell can be integrated in solar heating and cooling system providing auxiliary heat and electricity. ► The overall energetic performance is excellent whereas the economic parameters show convenience only in case of public funding. ► The operating temperature of the PEM is too low to drive efficiently the absorption chiller. ► The size of the PEM, selected on the basis of the maximum heat demand, determines an excess of electricity production.

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