Sunday, February 17th, 2019

US economist pens energy plan for Spain protest party

US economist Robert Pollin (L) and Podemos' Inigo Errejon take part in a press conference to present a study about clean energy investments and an anti-austerity agenda for Spain, in Madrid on June 22, 2015Spanish protest party Podemos teamed up Monday with a top US anti-austerity economist to launch a green energy plan which they said could create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Vying to drive out Spain's governing conservative Popular Party in the year-end general election, Podemos turned for its energy investment programme to Robert Pollin, who has worked as an adviser to the US Department of Energy and the United Nations. In a study presented in Madrid with Podemos leaders, Pollin calculated Spain could create 320,000 jobs a year by investing in renewable energy sources and measures to boost energy efficiency.

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