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Waste-to-energy technologies: Impact on environment

Publication year: 2012brbSource:/b Energy, Available online 11 February 2012brAndrea Tabasová, Jiří Kropáč, Vít Kermes, Andreja Nemet, Petr StehlíkbrThis paper provides an overview of thermal treatment methods for waste-to-energy (WTE) processes technologies in terms of their performance and environmental impact. It presents the possibilities of waste treatments and related legislation by the European Communities. In the Czech Republic there are 19 industrial waste incinerators in wide range of process capacities from 15 kt/y to 0.3 kt/y, and three municipal waste incinerators with nominal capacity 300, 250 and 9 kt/y. The pathways of energy production and the treatment of undesirable outputs are considered. There are analysed issues related to the WTE, technologies for thermal treatment of waste, heat recovery systems, flue gas issues and measures for flue gas cleaning. Up-to-date equipment used in WTE technologies is presented. Also different WTE performance techniques are included to provide a basis for comparison of different technologies. Available software for simulation the WTE processes are overviewed as well. The paper has been concluded with some promising future trends and approaches.brbrimg src= height=97 width=219 alt=image/h3 class=h3Highlights/h3► Utilisation of energy from waste and related legislation is reviewed. ► Heat Recovery System of WTE is evaluated based on boiler efficiency, using the energy of superheated steam and CHP production efficiency. ► The systems for off-gas cleaning in WTE Units are overviewed and presented. ► A performance of WTE systems determining the environmental Impact and Primary Energy Savings are analysed. ►Tools for simulation and design of WTE systems are assessed.

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